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Academic Philosophy & School Structure

Libertas Christian Academy is both a Christian and Classical school. The Classical model of education is a key distinctive of the school and should be a driving factor in why a family chooses to pursue admission to our school. 

The school is even structured classically as we highlight our emphasis on the first three foundational liberal arts of language (Grammar, Logic-Dialectic, Rhetoric) that are commonly called the Trivium arts. 

The School of Grammar (K-6th grade), School of Logic (7th-9th grade), and the School of Rhetoric (10th-12th grade) are designed to lead a student through a curriculum path that results in a young man or woman that has developed the tools of learning. This emphasis on the tools of learning will result in a student who is capable of learning and pursuing mastery over any subject.

This menu of the website includes a page that has some wonderful resources on classical education and pages summarizing each of the three sections our school mentioned above.